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San Diego Group Health Insurance Broker Automates Census and Enrollment Process for Employers

Saving Employers time and frustration, While Improving Coverage for Employees and their Families

With the end of 2018 approaching, many group health insurance renewals happen on January 1, 2019. Many companies stay put because it’s too much of a hassle to compare prices and plans. San Diego Group Health Insurance broker, Tom Gallanis says there is a better way to automate the census and enrollment process. His San Diego group health insurance brokerage, has combined the ability to collect census date securely via email and then, based upon the employer requirements and budget, offer employees plans, rates, and options vis a personalized website. with our team of specialists ready to meet or answer questions, 24/7 we have eliminated the tedious process of group health plan quoting and changing plans. Contact us today, CLICK HERE

For additional information, contact Tom directly at 619-884-7801.

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